Having been in the wedding industry for over 20 years, Reverend Smith has seen how the correct choice of officiant/minister/reverend can set the tone of your ceremony. Let our experienced, ordained ministers on staff at Forever Love Weddings in Annapolis, MD work with you to customize a service that is representative of you and your fiancee.  Our officiants can provide custom written service, that incorporates the aspects of your faith/spirituality and personality, that are most important to you.  Whether it be a cultural wedding, an interfaith wedding or a traditional service, Forever Love Wedding has the words to make it uniquely your own. 

Wedding ministry is our primary calling, not our job.  We do not charge exorbinent rates, as we do not feel the time involved or the spirit of the Lord is well represented by doing so. Jesus loved everyone and so do we!

Reverend Smith and the ministry staff of Forever Love Weddings in Annapolis, MD are here to help you make the most of this incredible experience.  Whether you want a religious, romantic, civil or just plain fun service, our ministry staff is ready to assist you. The title may be "reverend", but the goal is friend.  While ministry is our primary calling, we are available for the other spiritual needs of our clients.  We are happy to officiate baptisms, funerals and dedications.

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